Weight Watchers

How Do I Stop Compulsive(binge) Eating?

Question by Coco: How do I stop compulsive(binge) eating?
I am a severe compulsive and binge eater. I eat until I am sick and I need help. I did weight watchers an lost 40 lbs. but then I… Continue reading

The Truth About Tilapia

The truth about tilapia
“I tell my clients not to just eat one type of fish, no matter what, to reduce your risk of contamination,” says registered dietitian Melainie Rogers, founder of Balance Nutrition, a treatment center specializing in eating… Continue reading

How Much Weight Can I Lose in Five Weeks?

Question by Halen: How much weight can I lose in five weeks?
I want to lose as much weight as possible in five weeks, the healthy way. I’ve started my diet by only drinking water and mostly staying away from… Continue reading

Atkins Diet Phase 1 Losing Weight?

Question by Loveyy: Atkins diet Phase 1 losing weight?
I’m a 17 year old female weighing 197, I really would like to lose 50 pounds in 5 months, I’m planing on doing the Atkins diet Phase 1 for the whole… Continue reading

Is It Possible That Many Americans Have Eating Disorders?

Question by danielle_la_flor: Is it possible that many Americans have eating disorders?
I find it interesting that we generally have no problem acknowledging that a very thin person could be an anorectic or bulemic, but fail to see that an… Continue reading

Are Some of the Depression Programs Just Out to Get Your Money?

Question by MJ: Are some of the Depression Programs just out to get your Money?
I just called a 1-800 number for Depression and Anxiety Relief. The video she was offering was free and from the commercial it sounded… Continue reading

Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment Week #2 TRIGGER WARNING


Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment Week #2 TRIGGER WARNING – I just got out of the shower, I look like crap, haha. You can see the stress on my face from this week. Sorry you can’t see the ribbon keychain!… Continue reading