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Choosing the right drug rehab center can mean the difference between the prolonged agony of addiction or the secure step onto the road to recovery, but choosing from the quantity of rehab centers available is not a clear cut process.

Just as there are different types of doctors with different approaches to treating medical conditions, rehab centers also differ in their treatment methods. The key is finding one that fits with your personality and individual needs.

Obviously, geographic and financial factors will also play an important practical role in your decision. With drug and alcohol addiction on an upward spiral worldwide, very good rehab centers are available worldwide, and some are in very exotic locations.

Probably the most important  thing to remember in evaluating rehab centers is that rehab treatment is a business, unless you’re looking at a government sponsored program, and even many of those are out of make money. Review all of the promotional material with this in mind. Ideally, if you can speak with current or former patients/clients about their experience, you’ll get a better feel for the center.

Does the center’s treatment approach make sense to you? Does it fit with your personal beliefs and values? Do you feel the rehab center would be a place where you can let your guard down and deal honestly with your personal issues?

This site is all about arming you with information about rehab centers and addiction treatment methods so you can make an informed decision. Very best of luck in your journey. There really is a wonderful life on the other side of addiction!



G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center
is a globally recognized JACHO accredited 62 bed inpatient/outpatient addiction treatment facility located in North Miami Beach, Florida.


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