Are Some of the Depression Programs Just Out to Get Your Money?

Question by MJ: Are some of the Depression Programs just out to get your Money?
I just called a 1-800 number for Depression and Anxiety Relief. The video she was offering was free and from the commercial it sounded like she REALLY wanted to help me and others who struggle with Depression but When I called they said that it would cost almost 15 dollars for shipping and handling even though the S & H is less for other bigger things online.

Also, they said that they were going to charge me like 64 dollars a week after the free trial period and even more money for these vitamins they were gonna send me. Although they sounded like they wanted to help I don’t exactly have a lot of money. I’m still in high school and work part-time working only 2-3 days a week with minimum wage and they said that if I wanted to cancel I’d have to call them and send back the stuff with the packaging.

What I don’t understand is why don’t they just give you a free video and if you want to do it then call them again to order their membership.

So I think some programs are out for money.
Yeah I agree with you guys so far it sickens me that people pretend to want to help you but is really out for their own selfish gain

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Answer by dual_reality
It’s all snake oil….but if sending someone money makes you feel better send me half what they are asking….and I’ll send you my wonder tonic water.

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