How Do I Stop Compulsive(binge) Eating?

Question by Coco: How do I stop compulsive(binge) eating?
I am a severe compulsive and binge eater. I eat until I am sick and I need help. I did weight watchers an lost 40 lbs. but then I gain 20 back from bingeing. Someone, any one with advice, PLEASE TELL ME! even if you don’t think it will help. I am desparate.

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Answer by Greed_2.0
Get therapy — your problems are psychological.,

Answer by superguy_453
whenever you have the urge to eat do something else like drink a glass of water or jog or read a book, etc. if you do the same thing everytime you have that urge, your mind will relate that urge to the other activity. but you must do it everytime. remember though that if you dont like the alternative activity you wont stick to it.

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