Atkins Diet Phase 1 Losing Weight?

Question by Loveyy: Atkins diet Phase 1 losing weight?
I’m a 17 year old female weighing 197, I really would like to lose 50 pounds in 5 months, I’m planing on doing the Atkins diet Phase 1 for the whole 5 months. I’m just wondering if this is possible. I’m staying under the 20 carbs a day my body will be in Ketosis for the whole 5 months, should I workout? even though I’m eating so much protein I just don’t want to gain weight,. need to lose FAT. maybe some cardio? I’m not sure, so please help, Thank you~

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Answer by Miyuki
You shouldn’t even be doing it. It’s a dangerous diet as are most diets. If you really want something more effective and healthy and unlikely to do a lot of damage to your body, try something like weight watchers.

Answer by Josh

I’m glad to hear you are going this route. I would suggest reading some literature on the topic (see sourced books) to know what you are doing -and do it correctly! The only variant which will see the best results is to do a low-carbohydrate, high fat diet LCHF as opposed to low-carbohydrate, high protein. Excess protein has an insulin response and can also be toxic for your body. Doing a LCHF diet will be most beneficial.

Generally, LCHP was pushed by Atkins initially due to the fact the low-carb community was fearful of the backlash of supporting high amount of fat ingestion. Now that fat has been proven to not be artery clogging and has zero affect on insulin levels, this is the best way to go.

About your questions – yes, that is definitely possible for 5 months. You can go indefinitely. There are many cultures in the world that have no way to cultivate food – and they in affect on 0 carbohydrate eating. They pick the fattiest meat to eat and leave the leaner, higher protein meat for their animals.

Even after phase 1, if you stay below (differs for everyone) 60g/carbs/day you will remain in ketosis. I’m still in ketosis after around a year. Remember this is a long-term commitment, not just a way to lose weight. If you go back to eating the same carbohydrates that made you fat to begin with, guess what will happen?


“It is a dangerous diet”. Can you please state your reasoning?

“try something like weight watchers”. Because low-fat works? It does not. Weight watchers and low-fat diets run by introducing more low-fat foods and offer group support. Guess what happens when you take fat out of foods? You stuff them with carbohydrates, the main culprit in weight gain. It is also a “program” you have to buy into.

It is dangerous as it still allows massive amount of carbohydrate intake which can lead to many metabolic disorders and increased risk for many cancers, heart disease and more.

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