Is It Possible That Many Americans Have Eating Disorders?

Question by danielle_la_flor: Is it possible that many Americans have eating disorders?
I find it interesting that we generally have no problem acknowledging that a very thin person could be an anorectic or bulemic, but fail to see that an obese person may be a chronic overeater and need help. In American culture, its very common to overeat and no one takes that seriously. There are so many campaigns against bulemia and starvation but none against overeating. Instead we are all the fed the lie that it is not our fault that we are fat and are urged to take pills for the rest of our lives or try to punish ourselves by going on unrealistic diets that work for a week or two, then we gain it all back. As the years pass we become fatter and fatter, even as exposure to the problem grows. At some point we must ask ourselves the root of the problem…we must accept responsability. When do you think that day will come.?

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Answer by Marilyn
Not any time soon. We are a nation of gluttons in everything. We have so much and still want more. Plus I think most people don’t have enough will power to change.

Answer by jackmack65
There is some recognition of overeating as an “eating disorder,” and certainly there’s a lot of recognition of obesity as a public health disaster looming on the horizon. There are “overeaters anonymous” groups that meet all over the place, and there are lots of programs like Weight Watchers that use social settings to help reinforce healthier habits.

Yes, individual people must accept responsibility for their own situation. It’s really not your genes that makes you fat, it’s the crap you cram down your neck every day, coupled with your utter lack of any kind of physical activity. That’s it, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, the day when people will accept responsibility for themselves is ALWAYS “tomorrow.”


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