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Community listings
TUESDAYS: Overeaters Anonymous meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. at Eastminster United Church in Belleville. We are women and men who share our experience, strength and hope to overcome and recover from compulsive eating, food addiction …… Continue reading

Eating Disorder?

Question by Mila: Eating Disorder?
I restrict myself from major calories. My average intake can be from 300-400 calories per day. When I can’t help myself and eventually eat some kind of junk, I get really depressed. Sometimes I also… Continue reading

Why Don’t People Think Compulsive Overeating Disorder Is a Legitimate Problem?

Question by Leiko: Why don’t people think Compulsive Overeating Disorder is a legitimate problem?
I’ve had several people say that “COE/BED isn’t a real disorder.” Yet anorexia, its polar opposite in terms of action (starving vs. binging) is readily accepted.… Continue reading

Do You Think I Might Have an Eating Disorder?

Question by Brooke: Do You Think I Might Have An Eating Disorder?
I know I can’t get diagnosed over the internet. But since my mom won’t be taking me to a doctor anytime soon, I just want some opinions/advice. And… Continue reading

Breathe – Short Film

Breathe – Short Film
Young girl caves under the societal pressures to be perfect and thin, ending her battle with anorexia by taking an overdose of Oxycodone. Eating Disorders, D…



The Science Behind Why We Binge (And What… Continue reading

'Fat Letter' From School Triggers Angry Response From Mom

'Fat letter' from school triggers angry response from mom
Not a high school student helping administer health screenings." Approximately 20 states have … Some eating disorder experts tell ABCNews they worry that school obesity screenings may do more harm than… Continue reading

PSS Gets a New Nutritionist

PSS gets a new nutritionist
She told Saipan Tribune yesterday that she began work for an eating disorder treatment center soon after completing her internship, supervising the culinary staff, teaching cooking classes, and planning the menu for patients. She is… Continue reading

One in 20 Canadians Is a Food Addict, Newfoundland Researchers Find

One in 20 Canadians is a food addict, Newfoundland researchers find
It's not clear what might explain the sex differences researchers found, though more women than men traditionally seek help for eating disorders. It's also not clear what might make… Continue reading

Addiction Conference to Explore Gender Specific Treatment

Addiction Conference to Explore Gender Specific Treatment
The Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) at the University of Colorado Hospital will hold its “Gender Matters” addiction and recovery conference Oct. 10-12 in Greenwood Village. … a number of perspectives… Continue reading

Food Addiction: How Processed Food Makes You Eat More

Food addiction: how processed food makes you eat more
More research is needed to examine the relevance of the idea of food addiction and the treatment of eating disorders and obesity. But the fact that a food property may affect… Continue reading