PSS Gets a New Nutritionist

PSS gets a new nutritionist
She told Saipan Tribune yesterday that she began work for an eating disorder treatment center soon after completing her internship, supervising the culinary staff, teaching cooking classes, and planning the menu for patients. She is interested most in … Read more on Saipan Tribune

Study says fast weight loss curbs hunger
While health professionals have long recommended slow and steady weight loss, these programs do not stop people from feeling hungry, she said. But rapid weight loss, she says, reduces people's hunger. 'There's this liberation from hunger, and I … She … Read more on Sky News Australia

Welcome To Internet Rehab
"It's like food addiction — you're learning new ways of eating or new ways of using the Internet, rather than a full abstinence, 12-step program," Young tells The Huffington Post. Generally associated with features of impulse-control disorders … Read more on Huffington Post