Eating Disorder?

Question by Mila: Eating Disorder?
I restrict myself from major calories. My average intake can be from 300-400 calories per day. When I can’t help myself and eventually eat some kind of junk, I get really depressed. Sometimes I also chew and spit. But I am a healthy weight. This has been going on for some months now. My hair falls out a lot nowadays and I feel weak almost everyday.

The question is:

Do you think I have an eating disorder (EDNOS)?

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Answer by xdevs_r0ck_grrlx
Sounds like anorexia nervosa. I would seek some help as soon as possible.

Mental/action symptoms of anorexia include:

– abnormal eating rituals (cuts food up small, moves food on plate but doesn’t eat it)
– cooks for others but does not eat herself
– frequent weighing to monitor weight loss
denial of hunger
– rigid eating schedule and severe calorie restrictions
– avoids or skips meals regularly
– exhibits an obvious reduction in eating
– throws out food to avoid eating it
– exhibits fear or anxiety before eating, and guilt after eating

Physical symtoms include:

– amenorrhea (ceased menstruation)
– bloating
– breast atrophy
– brittle, twisted hair
– constipation
– hair loss on scalp
– lack of sexual interest
– loss of body fat
– low blood pressure
– muscle atrophy
– yellow, “blotchy” skin

Your caloric intake is WAY too low – the lowest it should ever be is roughly 1200 calories per day.

Answer by kiefergal24
YES…you do

an eating disorder isnt just simply defined as anorexia or bulimia, those are just the two most commonly known. You need to slowly work your way up to consuming more calories each day.

Eating disorders have a huge affect on your body, making you feel worse and worse, and eventually leading to a state of depression which is really difficult to get away from. Do the best you can to make your way out of it. Talk to someone, and if you have no one, send me an email. One of my best friends has been in rehab for an eating disorder for over a year now, and it is tearing apart her life. You need to take action NOW. I am also very familiar with the biological component to eating disorders from an independent study outside of classes.

Your hair is starting to fall out because you arent intaking enough calories/substance to substain your body. Calories = energy, what you eat leads to your energy. Exercise and certain foods raise the amount of chemicals in your body that lead to happiness, to put it simply.

You are feeling weak because your body is deteriorating, your bones are becoming weaker, your body is going to continue to do so unless you take action NOW.

You will look much healthier if you get back up to a normal daily intake and energy level, color will return to your face and you will be happier.

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