Food Addiction: How Processed Food Makes You Eat More

Food addiction: how processed food makes you eat more
More research is needed to examine the relevance of the idea of food addiction and the treatment of eating disorders and obesity. But the fact that a food property may affect addiction centres in the brain, independent of calories or pleasure, provides … Read more on The Conversation

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Eating tulsi leaves, drinking the juice, or adding its paste to a face pack can help cure skin and hair conditions. Heals respiratory conditions: Tulsi … Its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties also help to treat allergic respiratory … Read more on Daily News & Analysis

NYC Record Label Extends Submissions Hurricane Sandy Benefit CD
Each volume has benefited a different charity: Volume 1 benefited Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief, Volume 2 benefited World Hunger Year, Volume 3 benefited NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) and Volume 4 benefited The National Network For … Read more on Music Indistry News Network

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