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What Is the Difference Between Christian Drug Rehab and Others?

Question by : What is the difference between Christian drug rehab and others?

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Answer by Van Bo
Christian would be Bible Centered, and so would many of the others, but the others don’t have to be,… Continue reading

Anorexia Eating Disorder?

Question by Alex E: Anorexia Eating disorder?
What are the causes/risk factors for Anorexia?

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Answer by Savannah
well, first off there is a major risk of blood clot, heart attack, and… Continue reading

Course Offers Help to Vicitms of Manic Depression

Course offers help to vicitms of manic depression
BRIDPORT residents living with bipolar disorder can attend a 12-week course run by Dorset HealthCare every Wednesday from May 7 until July 30. The course will cover issues including stress management, its… Continue reading

Alcohol Rehab Centers | Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Arizona

Alcohol Rehab Centers | Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Arizona — Alcohol Rehab Centers in Arizona – These facilities are as different as the individuals who are suffering from alcohol a…

Cahill is better but not good enough for… Continue reading

Eating Disorder & Counselling???

Question by jujubeans: eating disorder & counselling???
Eh, hi i was wodering what an ed counsellor would ask you in you 1st meeting with them?
Also they can’t force you to see a psychiatrist can they? or force… Continue reading

Why Are There So Many Drug Rehabs and Treatment Centers in Florida?

Question by adilene d: Why are there so many drug rehabs and treatment centers in Florida?
I’ve heard that these are even the best in the country. I was just wondering why, and why in Florida, of all the states.… Continue reading

Immediate Relief for Anxiety/depression?

depression relief
by wallyg

Question by Amanda: Immediate relief for anxiety/depression?
I have severe anxiety and depression. My anxiety is its worst when i’m around people or public places. I think i need prescription drugs. I just bought some all natural medication… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Center and Addiction Services in BC Canada

Drug Rehab Center and Addiction Services in BC Canada — Drug Rehab Treatment Center offers intensive drug and alcohol treatment program for addicted men struggling with substance a…

CSI to Hold Free Safety, Business Event
All event classes are… Continue reading

Will Sex Help Anxietys Disorders and or Depression?

Question by bmw153: Will sex help anxietys disorders and or depression?
or sexual actives or a relationship?>
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Answer by rder80
Sex as a cure is like a band-aid. It will not fix anything, it only diminishes the symptoms briefly.

Answer by Chasemice… Continue reading

Choosing Death Over Life

Choosing death over life
Sometimes, suicide may seem like an impulsive decision to an overwhelming crisis; at other times it may seem that it is a response to ongoing anguish and despair, when the individual loses the reason to live.… Continue reading