Immediate Relief for Anxiety/depression?

depression relief
by wallyg

Question by Amanda: Immediate relief for anxiety/depression?
I have severe anxiety and depression. My anxiety is its worst when i’m around people or public places. I think i need prescription drugs. I just bought some all natural medication but i don’t know if it’ll work. So my question is what is the best most immediate and effective anxiety relief drug out their?

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Answer by C-roy
Like everyone says theres a bunch of diff. medications.

I am not sure what the medicine is, but I know someone on here might.

You can either get long term medicine, or medicine that will start to work in an hour or two.

It is like a bandaid.

Answer by Abstract Parade
Your best bet is dealing with it naturally. After all, it’s just a feeling inside you. A feeling does not define who you as a person.

Do not limit yourself in a limitless world. You must start rising above your fears and start doing things you don’t normally do. Wear clothing you don’t normally wear, and lead conversations with people you don’t normally talk to. Feel the fear and do it all anyway. The more you do so, the more comfortable situations will be. The world is full of opportunities and freedom, and you must allow yourself to have that freedom. Let go of the grief from the past and look towards the future. Anxiety is essentially an exaggeration of negative thoughts that cause you to feel uncomfortable. An exaggeration is nothing compared to reality. Learn to accept and believe this and start rewarding yourself for surmounting the anxiety. Don’t try to suppress the feeling – let it do its course and welcome it. Opposing it will only make the anxiety mount. Break out of your bubble and start believing you can overcome it all. There is nothing holding you back except your own beliefs.

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