Will Sex Help Anxietys Disorders and or Depression?

Question by bmw153: Will sex help anxietys disorders and or depression?
or sexual actives or a relationship?>
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Best answer:

Answer by rder80
Sex as a cure is like a band-aid. It will not fix anything, it only diminishes the symptoms briefly.

Answer by Chasemice
that is a very dangerous thing , actually.

its like asking “Will drinking liquor help anxiety disorders and depression?”

Of course it will temporarily reduce anxiety and depression.

but it is not going to “HELP” it.

People may have their chemicals messed up, so proper diagnosis and medication is the answer. But the biggest “HELP” is digging to get to the core issues and finding out how to change the mindset.

The last thing a depressed and/or anxiety-filled person needs, is to develop a sexual addiction. This is very dangerous and destructive to the individual and to loved ones.

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