Eating Disorder & Counselling???

Question by jujubeans: eating disorder & counselling???
Eh, hi i was wodering what an ed counsellor would ask you in you 1st meeting with them?
Also they can’t force you to see a psychiatrist can they? or force you to go to a rehabilitation centre if you don’t want to.
Also if you’re not a minor, they won’t involve your parents will they???


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Answer by Dr. D
As far as questions, well it really depends on the particular therapist. Normally a therapist likes to get to know their patients first to establish trust… so it really depends.

All ethical considerations will be taken into account prior to and during the counseling sessions. Some doctors can mandate a hospital stay or they can mandate when they deem it necessary to commit a person (especially if its a life or death situation)… but as far as seeing a psychiatrist…that would be up to the individual. If you are not a minor, they will only need your informed consent…

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, it’s important to seek help…don’t be afraid of what it will be like…just concentrate on figuring out why the eating disorder began and then concentrate on getting better! Good luck hon!

Answer by Xotchil M
counselor or therapist? Or more of the same thing?
therapists ask different questions, I’m guessing, I’ve only ever been to the therapist.

It depends how underweight you are if they want to send you somewhere and if you are not a minor, they wouldnt tell your parents. They probably wouldnt force you to see a psychiatrist, but it all just really depends on your condition.

Just be glad that you are not a minor and they cannot Baker Act you.

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