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What Have You Found to Be the Most Effectuve Way of Treating Severe Depression Without the Use of Drugs?

Question by Gypsyrose: What have you found to be the most effectuve way of treating severe depression without the use of drugs?
I have heard of lots of alternative treatments like hypnotherapy, even yoga etc helping. The… Continue reading

Kaiser Permanente’s Historic Role in Rehabilitation Medicine

Kaiser Permanente’s Historic Role in Rehabilitation Medicine — Henry Kaiser’s known for many things. Now add to them this: philanthropic prime mover in helping establish the field of rehabilitation medicine. That’s the w…

Wounded by the Language of War
The… Continue reading

Can You Give Me Some Information on Depression?

Question by TOmmie: Can you give me some information on depression?
Someone I know has been diagnosed with some sort of Depression disorder. She tried to kill herself by taking a lot of pills. She… Continue reading

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Support Group Starting in Kennewick

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance support group starting in Kennewick
Bob Fairchild of College Place said a Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance support group is starting in Kennewick. The national grassroots peer-run organization focuses on mood disorders, he said. It… Continue reading

Eating Disorders?

Question by socksrocks55: Eating Disorders?
Im doing a report on health disorders, need some help with some facts.
What are 3 physical factors that may cause obesity?
What are 3 environmental factors that… Continue reading

Vancouver Rehab Center(2/6)

Vancouver Rehab Center(2/6) — Maria’s birthday with mother at the rehab center.

Judge approves Chris Brown's jail transfer A Washington, DC judge has granted
PHOTOS: Avs beat Canucks in OT. The Avs beat the Vancouver Canucks Thursday night in… Continue reading

What’s It Like at a Rehab for Depression?

Question by darkwatersss: What’s it like at a rehab for depression?
I’m 14 and recently my.parents found about everything about me. There’s things that happend to me when i was younger and it’s impossible to forget about… Continue reading

Adults With Adhd and Obesity?

Question by goddessvixen7: adults with adhd and obesity?
I was reading online that there is a link to obesity and AdHd and I was wondering if anyone has experience an increase in their weight well off of medication. And did… Continue reading

What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

What are the symptoms of depression?
Depression can appear as a wide range of feelings such as as a mild adjustment to a stressful situation or clinical depression, long term feeling of sadness …



Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription… Continue reading

(EDNOS) Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified?

Question by Dysthymia: (EDNOS) eating disorder not otherwise specified?
so i was diagnosed with this even though i kinda knew i had it already. i didnt wanna diagnose myself so i went to the doctor today. i weigh 108 at… Continue reading