What’s It Like at a Rehab for Depression?

Question by darkwatersss: What’s it like at a rehab for depression?
I’m 14 and recently my.parents found about everything about me. There’s things that happend to me when i was younger and it’s impossible to forget about it and it made me depressed and anxious and scared all the time. It made me start self harming when i was 11 and i had thought about it at the age of 9 but didn’t do it. It’s gotten worse and when i was 13 I started having suicidal thoughts. The thoughts got worse and i atempted once.My dad wants to send me but should I? And what can you bring ? How’s it like too?

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Answer by Roy
Speaking as someone who used to be anxious and depressed and scared all the time, for the love of God take my advice: IF YOU DON’T GET HELP, IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.

I used to be really normal, and then when I was in middle school, I developed social anxiety and later depression and eventually became one of those people who is scared to go outside and have severed literally every connection that I have to the outside world.

Depression is an illness, and to beat it, you need a plan. Sometimes, it’s easy to ignore depression and not treat it like a deadly, debilitating disease. Chances are, if you’re not actively working to beat it with serious measures, you’re getting worse. Every single day that ticks by, your world will feel a little smaller and a little darker and a little more scary.

A rehab center for depression would probably involve a private setting, so it’ll be a getaway of sorts. You’ll probably be able to wear your own clothes, and you’d do things like light physical activity, intense one-on-one therapy, group sessions, attend classes where you’ll learn about depression and different ways to cope. Rehabilitation is NOT a mental institution like you see on television and you won’t be strapped up in a straight jacket or treated like a lunatic.

You should think of your depression like cancer, because it is a sickness. It is life-threatening because it can cause you to kill yourself and it does spread and get progressively worse. And like cancer, the only way you’re going to get your life back is by kicking the illness in the ass. For someone with cancer, that might mean surgery and chemotherapy and radition. For someone with depression, it might mean rehabilitation, medication, therapy, group counseling, education, finding ways to let your feelings out, and so forth.

The role rehabilitation plays is taking you away from the place where you endured all this negativity and putting you in a place where you can ‘reboot’ your life. You’ll be around people who know what you’re going through and you’ll get a lot of intense help that will help you separate your life before rehab when you were so depressed and your life after rehab when you’re fighting your depression aggressively.

You’re young, and your family wants to help you. So speaking as someone who spent over a decade in a depressed hell, please take the opportunity and be honest with yourself about what depression is and go at it with everything you have. If you do, someday all those scared, anxious, and dark feelings will go away and you’ll have your life back and you can be happy.

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