What Have You Found to Be the Most Effectuve Way of Treating Severe Depression Without the Use of Drugs?

Question by Gypsyrose: What have you found to be the most effectuve way of treating severe depression without the use of drugs?
I have heard of lots of alternative treatments like hypnotherapy, even yoga etc helping. The depression has gotten worst in the last couple of months but has been there since a teenager for eight years. I really want to knock it on the head finally and stop it from disabling normal life functions any further. I am very interested in hearing what worked for different people. I am not keen to take more medication/ pills than absolutely necessary and if it is relevant i am in my mid twenties? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Jon S
Actually, I think working out hard every day helps alot.

Answer by Tiffany
Shock therapy is used for this and it is pretty effective (and humane how they do it these days). Also, talk therapy can help.

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