Why Do Alcoholics Need Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Question by destiney t: Why do alcoholics need alcohol rehabilitation?
I know a lot of people who drink alcohol but are still pretty much normal. I mean, they don’t need to be rehabilitated. So I was just wondering why some people opt to go to those centers and waste away their money.

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Answer by callista t
Alcoholics are different from persons who just drink alcohol. Alcohol, when drunk in moderation, can be harmless. However, if the person has already developed alcoholism, there comes the big difference as alcoholism is a progressive illness. Like other illnesses, this, of course, must be treated. That is why alcoholics need alcohol rehabilitation. This is not a waste of money. The cost of staying as an alcoholic is even greater, because not only would the person be spending more and more on alcohol, he would also have to go through losing his normal life and becoming susceptible to being violent. The cost of rehabilitation is well worth it because that’s what it takes to save a life.

Answer by mddavis333
In my opinion it’s to keep themselves away from the alcohol. I also think that if a person is serious about quiting…they can do it on their own.

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