Eating Disorder?

Question by Ally.: Eating disorder?
I’ve been losing a lot of weight.. haven’t been eating right..making myself, well, throw it back up. i’m just not hungry. And if i do eat, I constantly count calories. It upsets me to the point to where ihurt myself. Can this be an eating disorder? I’m so confused.

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Answer by dumplingmuffin
to be honest you have a mental disorder,get help now

Answer by Erik L
hell yeah… that is pretty sick, coz I only puke when I’m sick. If counting calories is your thing, eat a lot and burn them all off, don’t throw them all up. Your body needs a lot of calories just to maintain itself and promote proper immune function. That’s right, you’ll be skinny, but you’ll literally be sick. Who woulda thought acting sick would actually make you sick?

New Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder
Newswise — (Fargo, ND) – Steve Wonderlich, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, North Dakota and Chair of Sanford's Eating Disorder Department, recently was awarded a …
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