Why Are So Many People So Insensitive to the Depressed and Those With Bipolar Disorder?

Question by selkie tears: why are so many people so insensitive to the depressed and those with bipolar disorder?
When ever anyone asks a question about suicide or depression they are always so abused for it. i don’t know if people are afraid of emotions and so they treat emotional illness with such disregard. or if they don’t like the threat of death that suicide brings up. Or is it just that they view these people with a serious medical condition as weak for succumbing to their emotions.

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Answer by Bored Goblin
“suicide” posts are really people looking for attention.
If a person is serious about suicide, they go and do it.
Sharing it with other depressed people is an example of the “emo” subculture which glorifies depression.

Also, most users on here are teens, and hence not sensitive to anything.

Answer by Ashley-Anne
Unfortunately there is a lot of stigma regarding mental illness. Depending on where you live too, more people are open minded or less open minded. Eventually (i can only hope) society will start to accept and recognize mental illness as an ILLNESS and not some strange phenomenon.

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