They Think Im Crazy and Need Medication?

Question by Saku: They think im crazy and need medication?
I told them I hate them, wish they were dead, I dont eat much and I barly smile around them.. Is there really a medication for that? Will it make me feel numb? I dont need/want to take any medcine! They said hthere taking me to a therpist before this tho and getting his opnion. What will happen if I just stay quiet and dont talk? What if I cuss at him? !

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Answer by colin
Try watching monty python tube…that will lift your mood

Answer by Stephanie F
You don’t sound crazy. You sound depressed. There is medication that can help you “feel”. You sound like you have some pent up anger inside you too, they can help you figure it out and direct it in an appropriate way. No one can help you if you do not want it. Don’t you want to feel better overall? To be happy?

If you don’t talk, then they can’t help you. If you cuss him/her out, it is just plain disrespectful and rude. Why be mean to someone you don’t even know? Yet, why be mean to those who you do know and who do love you? They are still around you and still trying to help you even though you are mean and trying to push them away.

I am praying for you to be able to express yourself in an appropriate manner. Wishing people were dead is just trying to hide something inside of yourself that you are afraid to feel.

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