What’s the Worst Habit to Kick (Drugs)?

Question by Sick kstarnt: What’s the worst habit to kick (drugs)?
I guess this is a 2 part question…what is the hardest/most dangerous to kick/what has the worst withdrawl.

I know the obvious answer people would go with is heroin but after watching a documentary, I feel like it’s alcohol. This guy was drinking up to 3 pints of vodka daily. They did a backround on him and told his story whatever and he really seemed like a nice guy. After getting tests to see how bad the damage was, he agreed to go to a 90 day program. They made it seem all good and promising, but the whole thing ended with them saying “He died 17 days into detox”.

This is my opinion:
Most dangerous to kick: alcohol>benzodiazepines>opiates>crack and all the others

Worst withdrawl: opiates>alcohol>crack>benzos and all the others

What are your opinions?

Best answer:

Answer by Frankly my dear
Yahoo Answers has been pretty damn hard for me to kick.

Answer by Kane
Alcohol is the most dangerous drug to kick, im a alcoholic and the withdrawls are horrible. You can die if you stop competely i never thought alcohol withdrawls were so bad, i get shakes, sweating, terrible mood swings, constant nightmares i can never sleep for over 20 mins of im not drunk. You get valiums to help with the withdrawls but u get a very limited amount i get 7 every 2 weeks as you stated there also addictive. Ive never been addicted to anything else but i think alcohol is the worst for both tbh. Ive heard herion is like having a bad flu i dont have any idea about the others.


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