What Makes You Feel Better After a Binge? or Just Maybe Overeating?

Question by L.: What makes you feel better after a binge? or just maybe overeating?
Dang. I’m recovering from an eating disorder, and I binged. It was so random. I told my mom, “I’m about to eat a lot of food.” and she was like, “Good!! Should I take a picture?” (She was kidding about the picture thing.)

So anyways, I just ate a huge peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chocolate protein shake, chocolate pudding, fruit loops, crackers, Easter candy, and a ton more. I have a tummy ache now, and I’m feeling a bit weird. Like, I don’t feel guilty. The worst par about it is that I’m waiting for the biscuits to get done cooking in the oven, and once they get done, I[‘m going to melt cheese on them and force them down my throat. Then, I’m going to go watch Sex and the City.

I’m like 5’3 and 98 pounds. Will I look any different tomorrow?

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Answer by curious george
well, you already are pretty skinny, am i correct? It won’t really make you look worse. Whenever i binge, i feel really guilty, but i never exercise either because i get hit with a food coma. Just exercise the next day or so to make yourself feel better. But definitely for your height and weight, this will affect you minimally, if at all.

Answer by Paige F
no you wont look diffrent tommorow. And I read your posts all the time, you deserve this binge i dont think it will do anything and you need to gain wieght. If it makes you feel better i binged 30 times that much this weekend for 48 hours.

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