How Do You Know if You Have “Smiling Depression” ?

Question by Chloe: How do you know if you have “smiling depression” ?
i am a normal 15 year old i have friends and a good family life; my parents don’t fight, i don’t get bullied at school, i play volleyball, and everyone thinks im happy. so i dont know why i feel so sad. I’ve read a little bit on depression because sometimes i just feel really sad and alone, i would never kill myself, but sometimes i think why am i even here or what is the reason to my life? its so boring. sometimes i even think i don’t want to be here on earth anymore, but i would never have the guts to kill myself. but smiling depression caught my eye because my friends, family, etc. know nothing about me feeling this way because on the outside i act happy and joke around. i would really like to go to a counselor so i have someone to talk to, but how do i tell my parents that i want to go to counseling, if they don’t even know how i am feeling, and i don’t want anyone to think im weird or wanting attention.

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Answer by eArLyWiNtEr?
But you have to realize that you are young, and teen years are accompanied by huge changes in hormonal levels in your body and brain. This, along with the pressures of leaving childhood and entering adulthood, makes almost every teen “depressed” for at least a couple of months or years. You shouldn’t worry about it too much, unless it begins to seriously affect your everyday life, or if you are seriously contemplating suicide.

Answer by Holley
If you have great parents you shouldn’t be worried about telling them. Counselling could be very beneficial since you have no idea what’s going on in your brain. Could be a condition or illness you have that could easily be treated. You don’t want to feel this way anymore, tell your parents they will be happy you came to them. Or you can always call kids helphone lines or other helplines and talk to someone.

Most teenagers go through some bouts of depression due to hormones but it doesn’t hurt to have it checked out.