What Is the Differentiate Between “Postpartum Depression” & “Postpartum Psychosis”?

Question by Leather: What is the differentiate between “postpartum depression” & “postpartum psychosis”?
Plus, the “baby blues?” Which of the three might be used as a criminal defense?

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Answer by Ashley
Um, baby blues and postpartum depression are one and the same. They usually tend to not want anything to do with their kid after it’s born. I would think the latter is more liable to act in an irrational manner and hurt a child. The reason being is in psychosis they tend to get delusions and hallucinations, including auditory hallucinations which could tell them to kill.

I would think either could be criminal defense, assuming the person had a history of psych illness to back it up. Mainly bipolar or schizophrenia patients.

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