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Motivational Interviewing and Substance Abuse — Clarity Way Drug & Alcohol Rehab – As a Drug and Alcohol Therapist at Clarity Way, Chad Shaeffer discusses how he helps clients discover their internal motivation for treatment. Motivational interviewing identifies what might be encouraging someone to pursue a life free of substance abuse. After better understanding what is driving a person to seek recovery, clients at Clarity Way are then provided with a custom developed plan to help them find success. The more our clients are personally invested in their recovery, the greater their success. Our professional staff takes the time to understand the individual needs and issues surrounding each client. Thereafter, a plan based specifically on their needs and personal motivation is put into place to ensure complete drug and alcohol abuse recovery. If you’d like to learn more about our caring staff, numerous treatment programs, or holistic approach to drug and alcohol recovery, visit our website at You can also call our 24 hour help line with questions at your convenience (877) 548-4794.


William Cope Moyers to speak about addiction and recovery in Colorado

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"I think their intention was good, to want to stop the war on drugs, but legalizing a mood- and mind-altering substance exposes the populace to the same risks that alcohol has wrought. It's legitimizing a drug in the same way that alcohol has been …
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South Shore recovery school Recognizes the Problem

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And, with the recent opening of Independence Academy in Brockton, several families have found that place. The new recovery high school is intended as a light at the end of the tunnel for teens who have made mistakes with drugs and alcohol and seek help.
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