What Is the Best Drug Rehabilitation Clinic in America?

Question by YaredBert: what is the best drug rehabilitation clinic in America?
I would like one that teaches Dr. Stanton Peele’s Life Process System.
cost is no object

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Hello Yared.
Certainly by far the best drug rehabilitation clinic in America is http://www.stgregorycrt.com
They are a 12 step alternative offer the Life Process Program developed by Dr. Stanton Peele, PhD, JD, which is “America’s Most Advanced non 12-step Program”
If you want a program that teaches that you have a disease which can not be cured and will be with you the rest of your life, give AA or Narconon a shot. If you want a program that teaches you how to make better life choices, teaches you that you are not sick or diseased and gets you on the road to recovery as quick as possible, then give http://www.stgregoryctr.com/help.php a try. watch the short video and good luck to you!

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