Question by Jason: Depression?
Well im 16 and have 1 friend i work 4 times a week but i suffer from severe depression, and only my friend knows. I smoke weed regularly to help out with my problem, my parents dont get it and im out of options the only thing i care about anymore is my buddy and my weed, what do i do?

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Answer by R©UGE
Weed will make you feel worse. sure it makes u have a high time but then theres the wind down….stop smoking weed.
And go and see your GP, you need some proffesional advice for you depression.

Answer by thesingingviolin
weed isn’t going to solve your problem. It might make you feel better for a bit, but it’s actually going to bring you further down. I say that you shld get a fresh start and get rid of the weed.

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