What Are Some Similarities Between Anorexia and Compulsive Eating Disorder?

Question by Sarah Jo: What are some similarities between anorexia and compulsive eating disorder?
(I am 14, and i weigh 130 lb. I know this is a normal weight for a girl my age, but i exercise allot) I did some research because I believe that I have a compulsive eating disorder. I took several quizzes to find out if I really had this disorder. After taking these quizzes i was told that even though i do not act like i do, i have anorexia. i let food take control of my life and I am obsessed with weight loss, but i still binge. I now believe i have a two eating disorders, compulsive eating disorder,and anorexia, and i would really just like to know some similarities between them. thank you so much.

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Answer by ME
Compulsive eating disorder is someone who eats normally but over exercises in order to lose weight.
Someone with anorexia eat too little, starves themselves, and sometimes over exercises as well

It is possible you have both eating disorders. Its just like someone with bulimia can also be anorexic. I hope you recover soon! 🙂

Answer by CDRN
I don’t think you have anorexia but I do think you have a compulsive eating problem. So do I……I am currently reading……Overcoming Overeating by Jane Hirsschmann and Carol Munter. It is helping me with coming to terms with food and also to stop obsessing over food. This is only my 2nd week but I am already feeling a little differently about food. I suggest you read this, it may help you also…….

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