What Do You Do When You Have No Natural Instincts for Anything?

Question by SuicidalKissesProduction™ 216: Tym J. Misery: What do you do when you have no Natural Instincts for anything?
I don’t have any of these so called “Natural Instincts”, I’ve lived my life essentially playing off what I’ve taught myself. It scares me when people say “let it come to you naturally” because there isn’t anything natural within me to lead me to anything.

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Answer by esmerelda
You sound like a friend of mine who would compliment me on my writing but always followed it by putting herself down and saying she had no talents. She was a terrific photographer, she’d have been a good musician if she’d allowed herself to make mistakes while practicing–she’d just STOP if she got a note wrong–and she was terrific at organizing social events.

You have a talent for words. It’s pretty obvious. You tend to focus on mordant wit and depression, and a little of that goes a long way. Most humorists tend to have a depressive streak (look at Mark Twain) so you might consider irony or satire. At first, you’ll be disappointed if you expect to have people treat every word as golden, but you have a talent there and if you work at it, you’ll get somewhere.

But – the key word is work. Rule of thumb is that you have to write a million words of trash before you write something worth publishing. It took me about 20 years. And looking at some of the rubbish being published in gay fiction, a lot of people aren’t even bothering with 50K words.

And go easy on the melodrama. Of course there’s something natural in you, kid. You are breathing. You have a metabolism. And you have a need to communicate, or you wouldn’t be on this board.

A fish doesn’t realize he can breathe underwater because it’s natural. That’s why you don’t see what’s there.

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