NEED HELP! How Do I Get My Sister Into Rehab??? 5150?

Question by Sally: NEED HELP! How do I get my sister into Rehab??? 5150?
My sister is a meth addict and is literally deterioating by the second. I need help because I am afraid Im going to loose my little sister. Shes 26 years old and has been doing Meth everyday. She thinks theres nothing wrong with her. Shes skin and bone. My family is literally in pain over this because its like our hands are bound and we cant do anything. She is now talking to herself…threatening all of this that we’re plotting against her or that the government is hiding cameras all around the city looking for her…shes talking crazy and she says she hears voices thats making her do things. She has a son that she will literally take with her on her “joy rides”. We’ve got the Father involved to keep her son away from her and terminate custody until she gets help. She still wont. How in California can I save my sister??? She wont voluntarily help herself. I’m not trying to bury my sister…I’ve tried calling courts, rehab centers…no one can give me a straight answer…I’ve heard of the Marchman Act…but is that available in Los Angeles County??? Please someone help or guide me in the right direction…this DRUG is literally killing my sister.

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Answer by Bill
I would try calling AL-ANON. They should surely be able to give you some advice. Just Google ” AL-ANON Los Angeles” and you’ll find 3 different phone numbers for LA.
Everything I read about the Marchman Act suggests that it applies only to Florida. Sorry.

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