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Drug & Alcohol Rehab—The Cabin Chiangmai, Thailand—on RodMcNeil.TV – More Videos: www.RodMcNeil.tv FROM THEIR OFFICIAL WEB SITE: “As Asia’s premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, we offer affordable high quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment in an environment designed for healing. Our affordability comes not from sacrificing professionalism, treatment, accommodation or excursion standards, but rather in the low operating cost of our locale — Thailand, regularly rated as the best-value tourism destination in the world. Put simply: we are able to offer a world-class recovery program at a price almost 1/3 of comparable treatment in Western countries, even though we employ highly qualified Western professionals. The added benefits are privacy and anonymity far from your usual addiction triggers, and the chance to enjoy inspiring excursions in one of the world’s greatest adventure destinations…” MORE INFORMATION: www.thecabinchiangmai.com


Narconon punished, stripped of defense in civil case

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The executive director of a controversial Norcross drug rehabilitation facility with strong ties to the Church of Scientology has been slapped with court sanctions that strip her of her defense in a case accusing Narconon of negligence and fraud in the …
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