Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, the Programs Applied in French UEROS Units, and the Specificity of the Limoges Experience.

Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, the programs applied in French UEROS units, and the specificity of the Limoges experience.

Ann Phys Rehabil Med. 2013 Feb 22;
Hamonet-Torny J, Fayol P, Faure P, Carrière H, Dumond JJ

First created in 1996, the French evaluation, retraining, social and vocational orientation units (UEROS) now play a fundamental role in the social and vocational rehabilitation of patients with brain injury. As of today, there exist 30 UEROS centers in France. While their care and treatment objectives are shared, their means of assessment and retraining differ according to the experience of each one. The objective of this article is to describe the specific programs and the different tools put to work in the UEROS of Limoges. The UEROS of Limoges would appear to offer a form of holistic rehabilitation management characterized by the importance of psycho-education and its type of approach towards vocational reintegration. HubMed – rehab centers