Those Holiday Blues Could Be a Psychiatric Disorder

Those holiday blues could be a psychiatric disorder
Ms. Pinter, a vegetarian, said while she's unable to take antidepressants because they gave her suicidal thoughts, exercise, proper eating and taking vitamin D and other vitamin supplements have greatly helped. She said she would try artificial light … Read more on Worcester Telegram

'It's Not Thanksgiving Until Somebody Cries'
Then there are my eating disorder clients. I can't think of a worse holiday than Thanksgiving for those of us dealing with weight, body image and eating issues. Combine that with family stress and it's a time bomb for many. This year several of my … Read more on Huffington Post

Child's food fears lessened through Regional Rehab
Most kids reach, and he's never tried to eat what his big sister is eating," parent Emilie Robertson said. "I just thought that was really odd. … "A lot of children have sensory integration problems or sensory processing disorder," Brown said. "It … Read more on WTVA

Sleep therapy to treat depression
Psychologists reported Saturday that a particular short-term therapy for insomnia could double the likelihood that people recover from the mood disorder – putting a spotlight on a little-known approach to poor sleep. ''I think it's increasingly likely … Read more on Sydney Morning Herald