For Substance Addiction Counselors…please?

Question by ebizartistry: For Substance addiction counselors…please?
Many courts require as a matter of their S.O.P. that any drug/alcohol related misdeameanor be ordered to participate in their drug and alcohol program which is fee based paid to the court, or seek counseling from a private institution.

I question the true therapeutic value of court mandated substance abuse counseling, as well as its effectiveness in helping its clients with drug addiction issues. I have spoke with many people over the years who have been ordered to this program and most, if not all, have indicated that it is a great place to swap war stories and network for new connections. It does however generate a lot of revenue for the court.

How does the counseling profession feel about persons being “ordered” to participate in their services? Does it limit the availability of beds for those who desire to, and choose to get clean themselves?

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Answer by parkermbg
there are several key factors that go into “court mandated recovery”
1. the courts (& society) would rather see you recover than go to prison.
2. prisons are over-crowded, so any seemingly viable option is worth reaching for
3. there truly is insufficient infrastructure to deal with drug related crimes
4. most courts do not do success/failure statistics on this mandated recovery, they just hope for the best! if even 5% of offenders stop abusing-then its a good thing.

as for the recovery comunity;
professionals, recovery homes, and even 12 step meetings often get annoyed with those individuals that do not take recovery seriously. some long term programs would fold if the courts stopped sending them bodies, but certainly most of these groups and professionals want to reach as many addicts as possible, so the courts scatter gun theory (throw enough crap against the wall & some of it has gotta stick) is tolerated. those who truly want to be free of drugs will find a way (hopefully).

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