How Do You Hide Depression?

Question by J: How do you hide depression?
I was diagnosed with it a few years ago and given meds. I was taken off the meds for a while because I was no longer able to afford them. I was seeing a counselor then, while in school. Fast forward to now. I have been seeing a counselor off and on, depending on how much money I have. I don’t currently have health insurance. I don’t have a good support system. Here are some things people say to me when I go to them for support:

“You will rot in hell if you take your own life.”
“People are much worse off than you. You need to be grateful.”
“I love life. I guess you’re looking for a friend that wants to die like you.”
“Your depression is self-inflicted.”
“You choose to be depressed.”
“Everything you complain about, everbody goes through.”
“Stop making it sound like the whole world is against you.”
“You choose to be miserable, so I can’t help you.”

Those are just some things I hear regularly from my “friends.” So I’ve decided that I’m going to flip on a happy switch and just be happy like everyone says I shoud be. Then I’ll have friends because people like being around happy people. So my question is how do I do this?

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Answer by Ariana
“You will rot in hell if you take your own life.”

Answer by ?
its actually easy. not to be a bitch,but everyday fake a smile,a laugh and block it all out,then get home,alone and fall to pieces. suck it up and just smile,pretend,act happy. easy.

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