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Depression Test?

Question by Miss Tyra: depression test?
is there a online test i can take to see if i actually have it? I mean like i havce a few symptons but im not sure

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What Are the Symptoms to Clinical Depression?

Question by : What are the symptoms to clinical depression?

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Answer by Cheryl
look up: symptoms of depression

Answer by Lisa Starr
They vary, but can include:

loss of interest in things that used to… Continue reading

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder/manic Depression?

Question by seeingbacknow: symptoms of bipolar disorder/manic depression?
hi my hubby was just told he has bipolar can someone please tell me what the signs are so that I can better understand him.

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What Is a Good Depression Recovery Clinic?

Question by Nana: What is a good depression recovery clinic?
I’m not looking for some research clinic. I’m looking for a recovery clinic.

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Answer by jacko
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What Is Clinic Depression?

Question by : what is clinic depression?

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Answer by shortcake
Clinical depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It means you can become depressed for no reason at all. It’s not like the… Continue reading

For Some ICU Patients, Depression Could Manifest With Physical Symptoms

For Some ICU Patients, Depression Could Manifest With Physical Symptoms
"We need to pay more attention to preventing and treating the physical rather than psychological symptoms of depression in ICU survivors," study researcher Dr. James Jackson, a psychologist and assistant… Continue reading

Season Finale Revives 'Shameless'

Season finale revives 'Shameless'
After the triumph of Mickey's coming-out brawl, his relationship with Ian is put under new stress when Ian starts displaying symptoms of bipolar disorder, a mental illness that also afflicts his mother, Monica. When the family… Continue reading

How Do You Ask Your Doctor for Anti-Depression Medication?

Question by : How do you ask your doctor for anti-depression medication?
I have been depressed for years and so far I have sought out psychology (if only for a short time) and… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know a Good Therapist for Eating Disorder in New York?

Question by Jasmine S: Does anyone know a good therapist for eating disorder in New York?
I have a problem with binge eating.
I want to be free from this.
But it is… Continue reading

Depression – Understand the Causes, Recognize the Signs

Depression – Understand the causes, Recognize the Signs — An animation describing what depression is, while highlighting its common signs and symptoms. The animation aims at educating primary care physicians and hea…

Depression May Increase The Risk Of Heart Failure… Continue reading