What Are the Symptoms to Clinical Depression?

Question by : What are the symptoms to clinical depression?

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Answer by Cheryl
look up: symptoms of depression

Answer by Lisa Starr
They vary, but can include:

loss of interest in things that used to appeal to you
weight loss or gain – significant weight change
loss or gain of sleep- significant sleep change
feelings of hopelessness
your emotions affect your daily activities the majority of the days of the week
not able to “snap out of it”
sadness that lasts beyond the usual mourning of a loss

ICU Survivors Prone to Some Depression Symptoms
… be diagnosed with clinical depression. Instead, Jackson and colleagues assessed depression solely with the Beck scale — commonly used in clinical studies to evaluate the severity of depression symptoms but not, strictly speaking, a diagnostic …
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Diabetes With Major Depression Raises Risk for ESRD
"The current study found that, in this primary care cohort of patients with diabetes, major depressive symptoms were associated with nearly two times the risk of incident ESRD at up to 10 years of follow-up," the authors write. "[T]o our knowledge …
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