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Can a Person Drink Alcohol After Recovery for an Unrelated Drug Additction?

Question by : Can a person drink alcohol after recovery for an unrelated drug additction?
My friend just got out of rehab for Suboxone and crack cocaine abuse about a month ago after checking in voluntarily having realized he needed… Continue reading

The Dangerous Myth That Only White Women Get Eating Disorders

The Dangerous Myth That Only White Women Get Eating Disorders
Doctors diagnosed Ortega with bulimia, and she began group therapy. But cultural differences overshadowed any benefits she may have gotten from shared struggles. “The only thing we had in common… Continue reading

Mind Matters: The Mental Health Taboo at Universities

Mind matters: the mental health taboo at universities
Habiba Khanom, a third-year student at City University London, suffered from an eating disorder, depression and social anxiety. She says: "I … In the NUS study into mental health, only one in… Continue reading

A Drug to Treat Anorexia?

A Drug To Treat Anorexia?
Autism and anorexia have wildly different public faces. The stereotype of an autistic person is a little boy obsessed with trains or a brilliant coder with no social life, while the eating disorder victim… Continue reading

Demi Lovato Accuses Lady Gaga of 'glamorising' Eating Disorders

Demi Lovato accuses Lady Gaga of 'glamorising' eating disorders
Demi Lovato has accused Lady Gaga of “glamorising eat[ing] disorders” at a recent SXSW concert. The Heart Attack singer, who was previously treated for bulimia, questioned Gaga's on-stage collaboration with “professional… Continue reading

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Begins Today

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week begins today
COLUMBIA — The National Eating Disorders Association is launching its 27th annual National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Feb. 23 through March 1, in an annual campaign to bring public attention to the critical… Continue reading

Teen Hotline: Eating Disorders

Teen Hotline: Eating Disorders — Do you have eating disorders & having a hard time? -Call the phone number or visit the website -Details in the video.

Study Links Frequent Facebook Use to Eating Disorders Among College Women
(Their eating… Continue reading

People With Depression? Can You Answer This?

Question by Corey: People with depression? Can you answer this?
When someone is depressed is it typical that they “create” a life for themselves online but don’t want much to do with real people in their lives? My 16 yr… Continue reading

Food Insecurity: Why 59% of College Students May Suffer From Malnutrition

Food Insecurity: Why 59% Of College Students May Suffer From Malnutrition
High food costs, limited income, and poor food support systems are contributing risk factors of food insecurity. In the U.S., 15.9 million children under 18 live … that help… Continue reading

THE SECOND HALF: Friendship Is Priceless in Times of Crisis

THE SECOND HALF: Friendship is priceless in times of crisis
Her two children try to help her, but there's not really much they can do from so far away. I just want to … However, you have also described many… Continue reading