People With Depression? Can You Answer This?

Question by Corey: People with depression? Can you answer this?
When someone is depressed is it typical that they “create” a life for themselves online but don’t want much to do with real people in their lives? My 16 yr old guy friend is depressed and isolated…he is homeschooled and has no friends other than online. I think it is because he feels he doesn’t have much in common with kids his own age so he searches on myspace and other places for people to talk to with his interests. Is it normal for him to have this online life? He talks online with people who honestly don’t give a crap about him or his illness and considers them friends. Please give me your insight on this. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by moonlighting54
It’s all about balance. There’s nothing wrong with having online “friends” but you need real friends too. You sound like a friend to him. Can’t you invite him along to places with your other friends so that he gets out and gets to know more people? This would be really good for him if it’s possible.

He’s lucky to have you as a friend anyway.

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