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Bad Stuff About Alcohol?

Question by Dragon: Bad stuff about alcohol?
What are all the dangerous chemicals found in alcohol?
What kinds of diseases are caused from alcohol usage?

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Answer by ? ?~~~~Miss Fiesty~~~~? ?

Answer by sweet.caroline
Alcohol is… Continue reading

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?

Question by freebird: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)?
bipolar disorder, depression, seasonal depression

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Answer by Kira Stein MD
TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation is a noninvasive and office-based treatment for clinical depression that has not responded… Continue reading

Shorter Stroke Treatment Delays Tied to More Healthy Days

Shorter stroke treatment delays tied to more healthy days
Thrombolysis is the use of a drug known as tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA, to break up the blockage and allow blood to flow to the brain. Restoring blood flow prevents… Continue reading

Why Are Some Cases of Depression Untreatable?

Question by j t: Why are some cases of depression untreatable?

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Answer by arfblat
“Several factors may contribute to treatment failure, including undiagnosed or misdiagnosed medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and anemia. Therefore, the patient who does not… Continue reading

Why the Hell Do Teens These Days Think Weed Isn’t Bad?

Question by ?????? ?: Why the hell do teens these days think weed isn’t bad?
I swear, teens these days are just being plain ignorant when they say weed isn’t harmful. First off, that stuff kills brain cells. Second, inhaling… Continue reading

What Effect Do Phenylketonurics Like Phenylalanine Have on the Body?

Question by Tess the ScLientist™: What effect do phenylketonurics like phenylalanine have on the body?
I have this terrible addiction to chewing gum and artificial sweeteners. For a long time I’ve known that a majority of these products contain the… Continue reading

Has the Drug GRN-29 Improved Autism Symptoms in Mice?

Question by Kevin7: has the drug GRN-29 improved autism symptoms in mice?

science daily news

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Answer by H????? ?oi 416™

Agent Reduces Autism-Like Behaviors in Mice: Boosts Sociability, Quells Repetitiveness

ScienceDaily (Apr. 25, 2012) — National Institutes… Continue reading

Natural Treatments for Depression


Natural Treatments For Depression – Depression is a psychological condition where a person suffers from an overall f…


The Joint Commission Launches Educational Campaign on Adult Depression
… The Joint Commission has launched a new Speak Up(TM)… Continue reading

Sustained EKR Inhibition by EGFR Targeting Therapies Is a Predictive Factor for Synergistic Cytotoxicity With PDT as Neoadjuvant Therapy.

Sustained EKR inhibition by EGFR targeting therapies is a predictive factor for synergistic cytotoxicity with PDT as neoadjuvant therapy.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013 Mar; 1830(3): 2659-70
Weyergang A, Selbo PK, Berg K

Tyrosin kinase inhibitors (TKIs) and monoclonal antibodies… Continue reading

Light Box Therapy for Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Light Box Therapy for Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – | Light therapy has been shown to not only dramatically help those whose depression is caused by seasonal affective disorde…


Key protein can offer fresh cure… Continue reading