Bad Stuff About Alcohol?

Question by Dragon: Bad stuff about alcohol?
What are all the dangerous chemicals found in alcohol?
What kinds of diseases are caused from alcohol usage?

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Alcohol is the bad thing found in alcohol. I’m assuming that you are speaking of drinking alcohol as other kinds can be fatal if swallowed.

Causes slowing. Kills some brain cells and over time a lot. Causes people to do other things – like being abusive, like losing control of inhibitions, of thinking you can do things that you can’t . Driving and can’t even see let alone drive. Killing people by driving while drunk or doing things while under the influence. Can also kill you by overdose too. That happens on colleges from time to time when they chug a lug it. Body is not adapted to drinking alcohol in excess. Even water in excess can kill you. Small amounts of alcohol, like a glass of wine at bedtime has been said to be good for you, but not a great deal, just a small glass. Red wine has some anti-cancer products in it, but only in small amounts not in large quantities.

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