Natural Treatments for Depression


Natural Treatments For Depression – Depression is a psychological condition where a person suffers from an overall f…


The Joint Commission Launches Educational Campaign on Adult Depression
… The Joint Commission has launched a new Speak Up(TM) campaign during Mental Health Awareness Month to help people become better informed about the common warning signs of adult depression, how to get the most out of treatments for depression, … Read more on Wall Street Journal (press release)

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Effective in Resistant Depression
Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) appears to be effective for treatment-resistant depression and may induce changes in brain metabolism weeks or even months before patients begin to feel better, new imaging research suggests. "These neuroimaging findings … Read more on Medscape

Effects of stress on brain cells offer clues to new anti-depressant drugs
Depression and successful antidepressant treatment are associated with changes in a process called "neurogenesis"- the ability of the adult brain to continue to produce new brain cells. At a molecular level, stress is known to increase levels of … Read more on Science Daily (press release)