NJ Gov. Praises Drug Rehab Programs for Offenders

NJ gov. praises drug rehab programs for offenders
PATERSON, N.J. — Gov. Christie on Wednesday extolled the virtues of drug and alcohol rehabilitation as an alternative to incarceration – a key component of his agenda last year – in moral, economic, and religious terms. "We're dependent upon each other. Read more on CorrectionsOne

The Government Gambling Racket
It takes its huge “skim” in the form of taxes (up to 50 percent of gross revenue in some states), all the while tut-tutting about what an evil it is, and paying for the rehabilitation of the problem gamblers it enables. A 2005 study by … The term … Read more on The New American

Piikani Alcoholics Anonymous chapter sees success after twenty years of
With on-reserve help for Piikani's addicts nonexistent for the past two decades, it took a Brocket resident, himself coming out of a rehab facility in B.C, to create a welcoming, nurturing and culturally relevant support system to help his fellow … Read more on Pincher Creek Echo