Did Oil Prices Start the ” Great Bush Depression” We Live in Today?

Question by tacotorch: Did oil prices start the ” Great Bush Depression” we live in today?
Bush invaded Iraq, oil went up to $ 150.00 a barrel, it was $ 10.00 a barrel when he entered office, the inflation of oil prices sent a shockwave thru the economy, causing the housing crisis that lead us to the “Great Bush Depression”. There was no way we could survive those oil prices, oil effects everything, shipping, materials, your gas bill, everything qaudrupled in price.

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Answer by Why Me???
Nope….Pelosi and Obama in Congress stalling the economy to get him elected did…

Answer by Dave87gn
No. although oil is organized crime that set their own prices..that didnt cause the depression

the depression was caused by wall street cooking the books to hide trillions in theft

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