Help! Eating Disorder! How Do I Talk to Them About This?

Question by :D: Help! Eating disorder! How do I talk to them about this?
Today I came to the realization of how–err–messed up my family is. I started by realizing how tiny I am. I went to go look for a shirt to put on this morning and I realized how tiny all of my clothes are. I’m 14 and they were all smalls or mediums in children’s sizes. They looked so small that I couldn’t believe I could fit them..and then I took a look at my shorts. (And yes, I’ve gone through puberty. I was actually a somewhat early bloomer. I got my period when I was 9…but have since stopped having it) Later, I went to my grandmothers house to see my two cousins. It was around 4 PM and cousin #1 ate a couple of saltine crackers and started talking about how proud he was of himself because that was all that he had had to eat today. Later on, I saw cousin #2 taking some laxatives. I asked her how often she took them and she told me “every time I eat”. I asked her why and she said “So I won’t be fat like I was in rehab”. I started thinking and I realized that not only do they have problems, but my aunt and my mom compulsively exercise, and me and my grandmother only eat around 400 calories a day. I’ve realized we have a problem–and I want to talk to them about this. This has to stop. I used to think we were just weight conscious..but now I’ve realized we are more than just weight conscious. What can I say to get them all together? What do I say to them once I do? And yes, this is a serious question. It may sound a little outrageous, but…It’s true.
Genius-Thankyou for your answer, but really it tells me what I already know. It doesn’t answer my question.

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Answer by Genius
Overall Im just going to tell you that you’re family is unhealthy. You should be consuming atleast 1500 calories a day, and no you cannot live off saltine crackers because you’ll get external fat (which means your body goes into “Starvation mode” storing up fat because it thinks you are starving). You need to eat, and your family needs to learn. Overly exercising and consumption of less foods is not the way to live. Thats like putting your body on hold. Your body is like a machine, it’s main power source is food.. and you need food, for energy. That’s why breakfast/lunch/dinner is important. Your not just feeding YOURSELF, you’re feeding your body it’s nutrients. If you continue to eat the way you do, you will go so skinny it will hurt to walk because all of your muscles would have wasted away. When you don’t eat anything the whole day your body eats away your muscles for fat.

Answer by Rachel
First off – I want to start off with applauding you. Of how proud I am of you. Yes, you are a total stranger to me, but you are probably one of those rare girls that can admit that and see that in their families and actually want to do something about that. People need to understand that beauty is everywhere, hidden and open, and it’s not just what’s on the outside, it’s in everything. And I’m really glad that you get that too. Eating disorders are horrible. This is coming from someone who has had best friends who were anorexic or bulimic and from a very self-conscious person about my weight. Also, my family pushed my “weight” issue onto me, as if I was overweight, which I’m not. I would consider a few options. Talking it out with your family, voicing your opinions. Yes, it is a scary thing. Talking to your parents or family about ANYTHING really, but confronting them about how you feel and this problem is a must. Second, you can always seek professional or even just a school counselor. If you don’t know what to do or if no one is listening to you, that’s always a good solution. Remember, they are there for YOU! And, that’s the whole part of being a teenager you know? Pigging out with the girls, having movie nights and eating tons of junk food. And you sound so below average weight anyways, that you’re not getting enough nutrition or protein. Eat vitamins, eat healthy snacks if you’re not a lover of chocolate like I am. Eat.

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