Is My Mother an Alcoholic?

Question by BlondesBeFly: Is My Mother An Alcoholic?
Hey everyone! So i just to start off by saying that I sorry this is kind of long! I need to tell u a little bit about my mom in order for you guys to help me out!
I love my mother. She is a very kind a loving parent, and also my best friend. I am very close to her and although we may fight over stupid stuff, it only lasts a couple house before one of us says sorry to the person. She is a wonderful mother. She has never been abusive, nor a bad parent. But I am becoming concerned.

Okay, so my parents got divorced in 2009, and my parents both went to court for hoping to win custody of me, my little sister and two older brothers. My mom almost won, but my father lied in court, under oath, that my mother drinks and drives with us, causing my mom to lose custody of us, since she was considered a threat to us. That was complete and total lie, and ever since then my father would try to hurt me and my mother by telling me she was an alcoholic. I never believed it was true, and the first time my dad told me that, I told my mom and she furious! Now, my mother is completely honest and would never lie. She told me she would have never told me this for the sake of me, but she had to in this circumstance. She admitted to me that that half way through my mother and father’s marriage (they were married for 17 years) my mother had become depressed and started to drink. We had an aupair, so my mom would never drink around us, because she knew it was wrong, and she had a lot of time to herself anyways, from the aupair watching us. my mother was never abused by my father, but she just had become depressed from wanting to leaving to leave my dad, because he didn’t show any support and didn’t seem to care anymore about my mom, but didn’t because she knew it would hurt the all of us as young kids. My mom then realized she was starting to have a drinking problem and checked herself into a sort of “rehab”. Now my mom never called it a “rehab” so I’m not gonna necessarily call it rehab. But she was there for 5 days, and came back, when the doctors said it wasn’t serious but said they think she needed some consoling for the depression. This would also help the drinking.

Years went on, and my parents finally divorced and my mom was happy. She didn’t have depression since just after the rehab and was completely fine! But since 2009 I’ve noticed things have started to change. My mother would NEVER get completely drunk, to the point were she would pass out of puke, but she did drink. My mom would have a couple glasses of wine a night, sometimes a few too many, but not enough to have her, like i said, passing out of anything. Then it started getting a little bit more unusual. My mom would start drinking a few beers a night, and then obviously you could tell my mom was a little drinker! My over this, probably last year or so, my mom would get angry easily after drinking. Now I’ve seen BADLY drunk people get really angry, but my mom wasn’t like that. She would just drink enough to get pissed off at anything or fight over little things. I would also notice her kinda tripping. Now this would happen like every few days. Then within this past half a year my mom got even worse. Me and mom used to wrestle and horseplay, and just have fun! Well although this would happen a lot, one not recently me and my mom wrestled for about 20 minutes, and she took a break. I went into my room with my sister and played games with her for about 40 minutes. Then I came out and saw her on the couch drinking. Now, not knowing it wasn’t like her first drink, I started wrestling her again. She laughed, and i grabbed her arm to pin her down, and she flipped out. She threw me off the bed, sat on top of me, and starting screaming in my face “you think you can beat me?! huh. huh. you think your better than me?”. I started crying, telling her that she was overreacting, and that I didn’t do anything wrong, and she started freaking out more. I then tried to push her off of me, and she hit the palm of her fist in my eye. Then she finally got up and walked away. She then went to her boyfriend and started telling him that “she beat me, and i was punching her”?

My mom’s boyfriend is really nice, but he also tells my mom she needs to quit drinking. He always tells her to lay off the vodka, and that she is an alcoholic. She mom has recently starting picking fights with him, out of nowhere, after she drinks.

Please someone, I need help! I tried talking to my mom about it, whens she not drinking, but she cries and tells me “my father is making me hate her, and I am twisted in his web of lies, and I shouldn’t listen to him”. I understand why she does that, considering he made her loose custody of us, because he lied and said she drinks and drives with us. I love my mom and don’t want hurt her.

Some questions I need help with are:
1)Is my mother an alcoholic?

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Answer by Saz
Your mother needs real help, sweetheart. May be you should try talking to her in a better way. Yes, she is an alcoholic now. You shouldn’t give up on her.Keep trying to talk her out of this and dont quit or change the topic when she gets emotional and brings up ur dad in it.Just stay hold and keep talking.Tell her how much its been effecting you and I am sure she will understand and try to do something about it,she loves you! Or, you can ask her boyfriend to talk to her.Ask him to give her all the support that she couldn’t get from your father.He,her boyfriend, can help you out.

Answer by forever in love
She’s turning into one. Tell her you and your siblings wont be coming over until she lays off the booze. Here she can decide what is more important in her life; her children or alcohol. It’s a pretty easy decision and it seems like she would make the right one pretty easy.

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