How Did You Get Over the Worst Thing That Ever Happend to You?

Question by News Reporter: How did you get over the worst thing that ever happend to you?
I’m wondering how to get over this heartbreak and sorrow that you feel in the pit of your soul just when you feel real sadness that nothing can change but time. My horrible experience was being left for another girl. Really complicated story and i dont think anyone has enough time to read every heartbreaking detail aha.

But how did you cope with your own “worst depression”? was it just time? did you just come to a realization randomly?

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Answer by Kendra Bennett
Well, time was the main thing that helped me get over my heartbreak.
But, I also started working out, and jogging.
Every day I’d grab my iPod, and turn it up really loud and just go for a mind-clearing jog. It really helped me. Oh, and a tub of icecream. 😉
Good Luck! ?

Answer by Aiken
My most painful, heartbreaking and devastating experience was when my first boyfriend broke up with me. I was way too in love with him, he was technically my world. It was wrong, very wrong. I actually felt physical pain, like my heart was drying out and I felt my heartbeat thoroughly. I was almost suicidal. Time did it for me, I had hopes in me too… Everyday I had a little hope that I’d get over it. So in 3 months, I did.
At first it seemed he was all I thought about, all day. All night. But no, time did change it. Slowly, very slowly, I stopped thinking about him all day… Then it was less, a bit less, a biiiit less and so on.

I cried myself to sleep and some terrible stuff.
Thank God that experience helped me see to not ever love someone else more than you love God and yourself. 🙂

Aiken V


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