Binge Eating Disorder and Rehab Questions?

Question by jaseman_16: Binge Eating disorder and rehab questions?
I know I have a Binge Eating disorder……I am 6 foot 2 1/2 inches and weigh 350 pounds. I am 44% body fat. I eat constantly. Even if Im not hungry I eat. Am I able to go to a rehab center or something? I have tried but cannot resist eating and I hate it. How much would it cost to go to a rehab center? Are there free ones in Southern California (Orange County or close) or just cheap ones? My family is barely getting by and we probably cannot afford to pay for this but I need help.

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Answer by Alyx
a disorder is just that, a disorder, yes you need help a type of rehabilitation yes but not at something like a drug/alcohol facility. have you tried counseling? maybe a counselor can recommend something for you. there are mental health clinics run by counties that take insurance and even work on sliding scale fees. i can understand about the weight thing. i used to weigh at one point 385 and i’m 5’3″ i have realized that there are times i eat out of boredom,depression, and recently figured out as a way to keep people away. you’ve already taken a major first step. admitting that you have a problem and need help. you are to be commended for that. maybe you could try the local catholic charities branch where you are, maybe they could help as well. your family also has to realize that it is an illness. and that you need their support. i hope this has helped you. i had at one point gotten down to 230. i have been under a lot of stress and depressed lately so i’ve seen the weight increase. i know i personally have to change certain things in my life and that if going to come in time and i have to hang on. you should also try to find a support group. or get a “sponsor” like they have for alcoholics annonymous, that way when you feel like binging you can get in contact with them and they can help you through the moment. ……keep the faith

Answer by Veronica L
when i had a binge eating problem there was nothing i could do. I felt powerless agnst it. I ended up calling Recovery Connection at 1800-714-8354, im so glad i did. they where able to give me the support and help i needed to get over my disorder. I suggest getting in touch them, they will make a difference.

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