Rehab Treatment Center for an Alcoholic?

Question by Bina K: Rehab treatment center for an alcoholic?
Is there any rehab treatment center for an alcoholic that has a medical treatment too? like can they check his liver and full exam ? Any Information would help as well as links to websites ? what else should i looking for in a rehab center what questions should i be asking ?

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Answer by Crys
Well you didn’t provide a city or state so that makes answering your question much more difficult.

Many rehabs have medical treatment centers within them. I actually ended up in the mental health hospital first to detox (I could have died going cold turkey!) and get tests on my liver, etc.
Then I was transferred to a 30 day program in another city….the rehab center I went to had a detox area as well, but it wasn’t as good as the mental health hospital that was equipped just as any other medical hospital.

You may want to search both.

As for thinks to do and ask:

1) call your insurance provider and ask what rehab centers in your area, state, or the country are covered (not all centers are covered by all insurances) and what the duration is that they cover (30/60/90/180 days)
2) Of those choices, research and call about the following:
-Insurance procedures
-out of pocket costs
-are they a 12 step program center (RUN AWAY IF THEY’RE NOT!)
– do they have personal therapists for each client and how often will they be able to see the therapist each week? (I found a place that had me seeing my own therapist 3 times/week and it was really helpful to me)
-what durations do they offer (30/60/90/180 days)
-do they allow their clients free time (hours/days/weekends) to leave during treatment (I’d recommend finding one that doesn’t…it’s best to be isolated at a time like that)
-what are their visiting day/hour procedures (for you and family to visit)

I personally found a place that had lots of classes and little distraction. I liked it that way.


And a nugget of info for you: If this person is an alcoholic, abstinence is the only solution. In addition, rehab does not fix anyone. It is only a very very very very small beginning to a lifestyle that has to be lived and worked on for life.

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